Install the Koalify plugin for HubSpot deduplication

The following steps explain how you can install the Koalify plugin to enable easy HubSpot deduplication

1. Browse to the install link

Browse to the Koalify plugin in the HubSpot marketplace.

2. Sign-in to your HubSpot account

Sign in to your existing HubSpot account or create a new HubSpot account if you don't have one already. 

Koalifiy Install - Sign-in to your HubSpot account

3. Login to your HubSpot account

Use your usual HubSpot login here. The Koalify features are fully embedded in HubSpot.
There are no extra logins or users accounts needed.


Koalify install - Login to your HubSpot account

4. Choose your HubSpot account

Choose the HubSpot instance in which you would like to install the Koalify plugin.


Koalify Install - Choose your HubSpot Account

Once you've installed Koalify, be sure to check out our article:
How to get started with the Koalify deduplication plugin for HubSpot