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Koalify adds features to HubSpot 

No extra login or user interface needed.
Built for HubSpot and HubSpot only.

CRM cards

Empower users who interact with contacts and companies with duplicate suggestions in HubSpot CRM cards. 

Distributed Merges

Custom properties

Create views, lists, reports and notifications for  your HubSpot duplicates based on the Koalify properties.


Instant checks

Koalify instantly performs duplicate checks upon the creation or update of contacts and companies in HubSpot.


Custom rules

Employ your unique deduplication rules to identify duplicates by selecting a combination of (custom) properties.

Custom rules

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Looking to efficiently manage HubSpot duplicates? Try Koalify for free!

HubSpot Marketplace reviews

Paul Vérine Circle-1

Since we've implemented it, our processes and our teams are running their business in a smoother way. The implementation is effortless, and it requires almost zero training for the team to start using it. Also, being able to build reports and lists based on duplication properties is a grateful help to monitor our data hygiene, and implement new processes.

Paul Vérine
Sandrine Mechelynck Circle
We are very happy about Koalify. It helps all team members to be included into the cleaning of the CRM thank to a very visual "marker" on HS contacts. The team behind Koalify is very responsive and willing to take users feedback. Looking forward to the next versions to even go further in duplicate cleaning.
Sandrine Mechelynck
Florian Myter Circle
We all know how expensive data duplication apps can be within the HubSpot ecosystem. Koalify provides an intuitive and affordable solution to the problem, enabling the users that actually know the contacts to manage deduplication.

Spot duplicates in my contact lists!
Florian Myter

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