How to get started with the Koalify deduplication plugin for HubSpot

Follow these steps to get started when you have installed the Koalify plugin via the HubSpot marketplace.

Note that the initial sync might take some time because of API rate limits.
The estimated time depends on the number of records in your HubSpot instance:

0 - 100k records < 15 minutes
100k - 500k records < 1 hour
over 500k records > 1 hour


Merging with the Koalify duplicate cards

  1. Review/update the position of the Koalify duplicate cards.
  2. Merge your first contacts or companies with the Koalify duplicate cards.

Create an overview of your duplicates using the Koalify custom properties

  1. Create a view of your HubSpot duplicates

  2. Create a report of your HubSpot duplicates

Review and update custom rules to identify HubSpot duplicates

  1. Validate if the default Koalify rules 

  2. Create or update custom rules to identify specific duplicates