Default Koalify custom properties in HubSpot

Koalify creates custom properties for HubSpot contacts and companies when the app is installed.

These customer properties can be used to create views, listsreports and even notifications for duplicates in your HubSpot account. The following properties are created:

Property name Property description Property type
Koalify Duplicate Properties Properties that match the main duplicate for this record Multiple checkboxes
Koalify Duplicate Rules The rules that were used to identify the duplicates for this records Multiple checkboxes
Koalify Is Primary Duplicate Specifies whether this record is the primary record of other duplicates Single checkbox
Koalify Main Duplicate Object ID of the main duplicate for this record. By default this refers to the oldest record based on the create date. Single-line text
Koalify Number of Duplicates The number of duplicates identified for this record Number