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How to Identify and Delete Irrelevant Company Records in HubSpot


Keeping your HubSpot database clean and organized is key to running efficient operations and executing effective marketing strategies. Over time, irrelevant company records can pile up, cluttering your system and slowing you down. By deleting these unnecessary entries, you can streamline your database, remove irrelevant companies, and reduce potential duplicates. Here's a straightforward guide on how to identify and delete these unneeded companies, along with some criteria to help you during your HubSpot company cleanup.

Step 1: Assess Your Current Database

Before jumping into the deletion process, take a moment to evaluate your current database.
Identify the criteria that make a company record irrelevant. Common indicators include:

  • Inactive companies
  • Irrelevant industries or locations
  • Duplicate entries

Step 2: Use Filters and Lists

HubSpot provides powerful filtering tools to help you sift through your company records. Head over to your Companies page and use filters to create a view or list of potentially irrelevant records. Depending on your use case, you can filter by:

  • Inactive companies: Last Activity Date, Next Activity Date
  • Irrelevant industries or locations: Industry, Country
  • Duplicate entries: Koalify Duplicate Rules to select only the certain duplicates

These are some extra filters to consider; ensuring that you're only excluding irrelevant records:

  • Number of Associated Deals is unknown
  • Number of associated contacts is equal to 0
  • Number of form submissions is unknown
  • Number of times contacted is unknown
  • Next activity date is unknown
  • Last activity date is unknown

How to Identify Irrelevant Company Records in HubSpot

Step 3: Review and Validate Records

Before mass-deleting records, take a moment to review your filtered list for accuracy. This step is crucial to avoid accidentally deleting important data. Verify each entry against the criteria you've identified and check if you might want to include extra rules. If needed, involve the company owners who might have additional insights into the relevance of specific records.

Step 4: Bulk Delete Irrelevant Records

Once you've validated the list, it's time to delete the irrelevant records. In HubSpot:

  1. Go to the Companies page.
  2. Filter and select the records you want to delete.
  3. Click on "Delete" between "Edit" & "Assign".
  4. Type the number of records you want to delete

How to Delete Irrelevant Company Records in HubSpot


In conclusion, maintaining a clean HubSpot database is crucial for maximizing efficiency and ensuring that your marketing and sales efforts hit the mark. By consistently identifying and removing irrelevant company records, you'll uphold a streamlined and productive system. Follow these steps to keep your HubSpot database in top shape and reap the benefits of a well-organized CRM.