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Merge HubSpot contacts that are enrolled in a sequence

Have you ever wanted to merge a contact that's part of a sequence in HubSpot, only to find it’s not possible?
With Koalify, you can now easily merge contacts in a sequence without interrupting the sequence!




The common "duplicates in sequence" case

Imagine this: a new lead submits a form and gets immediately enrolled in a sequence. Meanwhile, there's an older contact record for the same lead that isn't in any sequence. Without Koalify, merging these records involves a cumbersome process:

  1. Unenroll the new lead from the sequence.
  2. Merge the new lead with the old contact record.
  3. Manually re-enroll the merged lead into a workflow to restart the sequence.

This multi-step process not only involves a lot of extra clicking but also poses a significant risk. If you don’t catch the duplicate on the first day, it can result in restarting the sequence after emails and tasks have already been sent out to your reps. This isn't just inefficient—it can be quite frustrating for your team.

How Koalify Helps

Koalify’s duplicate cards allow you to quickly identify potential duplicates and merge them, even if they are enrolled in a sequence. This means no more manual unenrollment or re-enrollment, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

Simplify your HubSpot duplicate management with Koalify and ensure your sequences run smoothly, keeping your team focused and efficient.