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How to find duplicate values for HubSpot properties

You can identify duplicate values for properties in your HubSpot instance by creating a simple custom report. This report is especially useful when you have multiple duplicate values for the same contact or company. 

You need any of the Professional Hub, to have access to the custom report builder.

Follow these steps to find duplicate values for any contact or company property

  • Create single object company report
  • Data - selected properties
    • Any other property you want to check for duplicates. These are some common examples:
      • Companies
        • Domain Name
        • Company Name
        • Phone Number
        • Linkedin URL
      • Contacts
        • Mobile Phone Number
        • Linkedin URL
  •  Filters
    • Create date is all time
    • The selected property which you want to check is known
  •  Visualization
    • Bar Chart
    • Display options - Sort by Count of Companies or Contacts

In most cases, you will need to delete incorrect property values. These articles can help you get started:

When your data is clean, the report will highlight actual duplicates. You can drill down to the duplicate records and use HubSpot's merge functionality. If you have installed Koalify, you can also easily merge records using the Koalify duplicate cards.

Identify most common duplicate property values-1